Oyster of the Month

Grilled: Topped w Thai Green Curry & Chilli Garnish
(6)  $18.00  (12)  $31.00

Seasonal Bruschetta - $17.00

Chunky Tomato & Basil

Chunky tomato, basil, garlic, shaved parmesan w balsamic glaze. 

Southern Fried Chicken Tenders - $18.00

Served w a chilli peanut dipping sauce. 

WA Crab Claw Sushi Bites - $18.00

Nori sheets topped w rice, WA crab mix & pickled ginger served w a spicy dipping sauce.


Happy Hours - From 4pm 

Available Monday to Thursday make every afternoon feel like Friday knock off's with our Happy Hours from 4pm. 

$6.00 Schooners Tap Beer || $5.00 Middy’s Tap Beer || $5.00 House Wines

*Friday Happy Hours From 5pm 

Lunchtime Indulgence – $72

Available from 11am to 5pm enjoy any two Straight Dozen Oysters and a bottle of either Bay of Stones Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc or Sparkling.

*not available Discount Wednesday's.

Our specials are designed seasonally, to offer you new and exciting menu options.

Killa Tuesdays - $20 Dozens

Celebrate one of the classics; the humble Kilpatrick with us. Available from 4pm to 6pm every Tuesday.

Wednesday – "Oyster Day"

Every Wednesday we offer discounted oysters - yes our WHOLE oyster menu is discounted! This offer is available all day every Wednesday from 11am to close.  

Happy Hour on all Tap Beers and House Wines from 4pm:

$6.00 Schooners | $5.00 Middy's | $5.00 House Wines

Live music with local artists from 6pm – 9pm. 

Friday Night – "Oyster Hour"

Oysters available at Wednesday's discounted prices between 5pm to 7pm, as well as Happy Hour drink prices on all tap beer and house wines 

$6.00 Schooners | $5.00 Middy's | $5.00 House Wines

Live music from a local artist between 7pm – 11pm. 

Saturday Cocktails - $12

Indulge in $12 selected cocktails from 5pm every Saturday.


Live music from a local artist between 3pm - 7pm.